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Patriotism and the NFL

In 2016 season, the National Football League lost about 6% of its viewers– approximately one million fans—as compared to the previous year’s statistics. League officials were quick to point out the slump was due to the presidential political campaign and viewership would return once that was done. This year, there has been a much larger […]

Coping with the Holidays When You are Grieving

The end of each year brings a flurry of holidays—Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Years. Along with all the joys of the season comes all of the stresses and strains of shopping, travel, meal planning and preparation, holiday decorations and family dynamics. If you are still filled with the emotions of having lost a […]

What is a Patriot?

What is a Patriot?  The easy answer can be found in a dictionary.  Webster’s tells you a Patriot is someone who loves his or her country and supports its authority and interests.  That definition may answer the question but there’s far more needed to fully answer the question. When asked to name a Patriot, many […]