Facility Check In

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1) Staff is to notify a member of Patriot Management if when entering a facility, the Patriot employee has to conduct their own temperature and answer surveillance questions. 

2) If facility has their employee conducting screening before entrance into the facility, Patriot employee must inquire as to if any patients or facility employees have been confirmed positive for COVID or if any facility employee or patient is a Person Under Investigation (PUI). ( Persons Under investigation)

3) If the facility answers yes to they have a confirmed positive COVID employee or Patient, or a PUI (Persons Under Investigation) employee or patient, the Patriot employee must don all PPE (Personal Protective Equipment Mask, Gown, Gloves, Face Shield, Shoe Covers ect..) including N95 mask before entrance into that facility. 

4) Patriot Employee must notify Travis or Tonya if a facility reports that they have a COVID positive patient or employee or a PUI employee or patient immediately. 

In the Event the facility has a positive case please fill out the following questionnaire.

Facility Checkin
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