Patriot had a great time representing the company at this year’s South Carolina Healthcare Associations Annual Conference and Trade show! We also enjoyed spending some good time and good laughs with old friends and some great partners of Patriot for dinner one night!

National Vietnam Veterans Day is an opportunity for all of us, with our communities, to honor our Vietnam Veterans, Surviving Spouses, and Welcome them Home after their return, over 50 years ago. The Vietnam War was the first war where military were flown over to their deployment site individually instead of with their company. They also returned home on commercial flights in their uniforms instead of with their company. It was also the first war to be televised. It was an incredibly politicized war with a lot of very confusing rules and guidelines. Additionally, the US had no idea that the enemy was living underneath the US troops in tunnels. Many American soldiers, sailors, and marines were very young and unprepared for jungle warfare. War is ugly. Having war televised for the first time, especially a war that was so seemingly unwinnable, caused a lot of additional issues for Vietnam Veterans when they returned home. In addition to potential PTSD or PTSI issues, the lack of a heartfelt Welcome Home for Vietnam Veterans was just more blow to their morale and overall (mental) health and wellbeing. It is incredibly important that we make intentional strides to letting them know they are not forgotten, that their contribution is honored and appreciated, regardless of what their country asked them to do. And it can provide some level of healing and closure for many who have been holding their breath since their return home. This week, the week of March 29, 2022, Patriot Healthcare is doing just that. We are joining with other organizations like Quilts of Valor and Meals on Wheels as well as local (VA and non-VA) facilities to Welcome Home our Vietnam Veterans. Patriot Healthcare honors severing those who served us and their families. We like to thank all the Vietnam Veterans for their service and dedication!

Patriot Health Care had an amazing time celebrating one of our patients Mr. Donald BePlay”s big 100th birthday! Thank you to the family and Maple Brooke facility for letting us be a part of the big day!

One of our community liaisons had a chance to talk to Mr. BePlay and his wife and he was able to share a very sweet story about his life…

Donald is from Indiana and his wife(94) is from New Orleans, him and his wife met New year’s eve 1944 in Indiana (wife was on vacation) and they have been together ever since! They lived in New Orleans most of their life and loved every moment of it. They have been married 77 years have 4 boys and tons of grandchildren and great children.

He was in WWII in the Army Air Force and Patriot thanks him greatly for his service!

Happy Birthday Mr.Donald BePlay!