Our Professionals

At Patriot Healthcare we believe in our staff…

From our nursing staff to patient services we recognize our staff are incredible people who will go above and beyond to fulfill the best possible outcome for our patient’s comfort and wishes.

Patriot Hospice & Palliative Care is vital for what it is and also for what it is not. But few people hear about its mission and purpose until they need its services.

“The hardest thing is educating people. No one wants to learn about hospice and palliative care until they have to,”

says Jill Birmingham, who took a circuitous route – geographically and figuratively – to become CEO of Patriot Hospice & Palliative Care almost nine years ago.

The most important message: “Our philosophy is about living, making every day count.” Patriot is a private, independent business, based in Easley and licensed to provide care throughout the state. For the third year in a row, it won the Best of the Upstate, Community Choice Award from the Greenville News for Hospice Care and In-Home Care.

Jill Birmingham , CEO

“When I looked on the calendar, I realized that Veterans Day this year is the 10th anniversary of this company,” Birmingham says. Patriot, known as PH, also recently celebrated its fifth anniversary of providing palliative care and in-home physician care. “One of the biggest misconceptions is that palliative care means end-of-life. It really means managing and relieving a patient’s stress during a serious illness,” Birmingham says. When people do choose hospice care, they or their families often regret not making the decision sooner, she says. “When people receive that hospice order, they think that they’re just going to die. It’s not about death. It’s about living. We don’t sit around and talk about death,” she says.“Sometimes we don’t have much time with a patient, but hospice does not hasten death. We’re here for the patient and their support team to keep the patient comfortable and make each day the best it can be,” Birmingham says. The company’s relationship with the community helps dispel misconceptions about hospice and palliative care.“We want people to know us so that it’s not as scary when you talk to us about your care.”Relationships with veterans’ homes prompted the hospice to make “Patriot” part of its name.

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